Forget Hot Dogs! Go Chorizo!

El Guapo Chorizo Grill
Victoria Public Market at the Hudson
1701 Douglas St.
Victoria, B.C.

While at the unofficial outdoor version of the Victoria Public Market at the Hudson, which has been pushed back to September 14th, I thought having it outside felt more natural. Markets should be open and inviting. I’d say about a dozen vendors were here selling wares ranging from specialty cheeses to organic greens. There were two food vendors that drew my attention. The first was the Smokin’ Bones which I took a lukewarm interest in but the other, El Guapo, oh my! I was drooling before I even arrived in front of the operation.

The scents coming from the BBQ had me eyeing the fresh friorelli peppers being offered for sale on top of what was being cooked. The chorizo sandwich ($7) just looked tempting and before I knew it, I was whipping out my wallet and smacking my lips at what I saw being roasted. I’d have to say the cook behind the grill can serve up a mean bun. It was warm to the touch and crisp to my lips. I was smacking them after every bite to ensure not one drop of that olive oil taste was missed.

The sausage was perfectly done, and the simplicity of this sandwich just worked. Wild greens were used and I think what made the whole sandwich worked was in how nicely roasted the peppers were. Before I knew it, the sandwich was gone and I thought about ordering a second one. If there’s ever a reason to hit the Victoria Public Market at the Hudson, I’d say El Guapo is its shining star.

My only advice: bring a drink with you before hitting the market. I didn’t notice any sodas or liquid offerings to order with my meal. If they did, any one can get a perfect meal while grocery shopping.

5 Blokes out of 5

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