How to Eat at Pike Place Market on the Cheap

Pike Place Market
First Ave. & Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market has more than enough diners and international food operations to make finding a brunch easy. With me starting at the north end of the market and working my way down to the main entrance, with only $25 in my coat pocket, just where should I go?

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A Preview of Sidney’s Best Bites

J: It took some time before Ed and I were ready to tackle any kind of a meal or light snack after the large amount of food we encountered at Beacon & Eggs. We bided our time by spreading our hard earned currency among the independent shops in Sidney.

This township is really a place for the bookworms as Ed and I. We were quick to opening our wallets to businesses like Tanner’s Books, the Haunted Bookshop and Beacon Books. But books can only feed your mind and not your stomach. With Ed’s, that mind was thinking sushi.

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From Downtown to Small Town, Cook Street Village

2015 Update:
This operation has permanent digs at: 1017 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC
(250) 889-5803

E: Our rainy day in Cook Street Village wasn’t over. And even though I was technically filled, I can always make room for tacos! At $2.50 a piece, La Taquisa has won both my heart and my wallet. As pricy as one piece sounds, it’s worth it. They press each soft shell right there while you wait, lightly heat it up, and put a good heap of filling on top. I opted for the Okanagan Valley beef and I savoured the taste.

I could have bought more, but I was simply craving a simple dessert.

J: I was more worried about the rainwater dripping off the roof onto the press. I think a pool had formed and our tortillas were being mixed into it. But mother nature did me no harm that day. Perhaps if I was in Los Angeles.

E: I’ve been to as far down as Anahiem to sample a few of Mexico’s signature dishes. But until I see cactus listed here, what this location offers is B.C. raised, if not grazed, products. For the most part, I’m really liking it. Even two tacos makes for a typical lunch. But next time, I’m going for their $10 meal deal.

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Sampling the Food at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market
85 Pike St,
Seattle, WA
(206) 682-7453

I pretty much had nothing but seafood in mind for my major meals during my stay in Seattle, and no trip is complete without a trip to Pike Place Market. This place is where anyone can buy fresh wares from both the sea to sky. Fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood were abound, and while I’ve seen enough of the flying fish act before, I was not going to wait around for the next time it’d happen so I can grab a photograph.

I wasn’t going to be that much of a tourist, but I did finally get a chance to wander the market, poke around at Golden Age Collectables, and find a few new kiosks offering food samples or some interesting artistic wares. There is an area where any vendor can set up shop and sell their products. On the day that I went, I talked to the fine folks at Stewart’s Meat Market, and learned they offer up jerky in other forms too. They sell game meats, and I just wonder what kind of red tape I’ll have to deal with to get ‘gator, crocodile or rattlesnake past Canada Customs.

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How to do the Victoria Fringe Festival: Going Japanese?

The Victoria Fringe Festival has grown and so has my waistline. With this event celebrating its 25th year, I knew this was one party I couldn’t miss. When this event has regular venues that remain consistent every year, one thing I will often do his hit familiar dining spots to satisfy my appetite. Fast food does not always mean hitting burger joint. Maki Rolls are considered fast food in Japan, and while there’s no option for Takoyaki here in Victoria, there are a few establishments to get a quick bite in before a show. When the Metro Studio, St. Andrews (Downtown Victoria) and Langham Court Theatre (Oak Bay) are very close by, there’s a few places nearby to get a snack in.

In Gordon Head, where St. Michael’s Richmond Campus lay, there’s even Fujiya’s Grocery. This place is well-known for churning out meals by the truck-load. They close at 7pm.  Herein contains my picks for folks looking for a bit of Nippon for their Fringe show for this year and beyond, as these operations show no sign of closing.

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On the Hunt for Pearls of Passion

Oh Saturday, my warm Saturday, how must I love thee? It’s August, and there was no friggin way I was going to spend the day indoors. I had a sudden yen for oysters and while I could’ve gone to The Oyster Bar, it wasn’t happy hour yet. I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by checking out two direct competitors on Fisherman’s Wharf by the Inner Harbour.

But first, I had to hit the Beacon Drive-In just to see how this place fares with its meals.

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