A Preview of Sidney’s Best Bites

J: It took some time before Ed and I were ready to tackle any kind of a meal or light snack after the large amount of food we encountered at Beacon & Eggs. We bided our time by spreading our hard earned currency among the independent shops in Sidney.

This township is really a place for the bookworms as Ed and I. We were quick to opening our wallets to businesses like Tanner’s Books, the Haunted Bookshop and Beacon Books. But books can only feed your mind and not your stomach. With Ed’s, that mind was thinking sushi.

E: Japanese food was the furthest thing until I saw the sandwich board advertising Green Wasabi. Taste of Tokyo is a great place all-around. It’s a must hit place with friends on a Saturday night for their all-you-can-eat, but when I was there on an afternoon, well … I had to sample Green Wasabi’s wares.

It has a great feel of a proper mom n’ pop shop offering a well-made tuna roll. Sushi Plus could learn from here in how to make their rolls flavorful and present their service with a huge smile. I really have to see how the salmon and other dishes taste in both their operations. Yes, they have a storefront in Victoria (1692 Douglas St.) right by Spirit Square.

Although we were here to try some pumpkin pie, albeit a few weeks late and well into November, sometimes we have to plan our trips better. Including one visit to Gibsons, BC which never happened.

J: My sweet tooth was thinking of that slice of pumpkin pie at Lunn’s Pastries Deli & Coffee Shop but a quick stop at Sidney Bakery couldn’t hurt. The bakery was well-stocked but devoid of any customers. I thought it was strange for an afternoon with plenty of people walking the high street. Maybe the reason is their service is still lacking a year after my last visit?

Sidney Bakery on Urbanspoon

I was grateful there was an adult at the till but it appeared that she was no better at customer skills then her teenage predecessor. It’s shame because there was nothing wrong with the Peppermint Whoopee ($1.49) I tried. The flavorful icing was sandwiched by chocolate sponge cakes. I was in love. Sidney Bakery has been around for generations and I would love nothing better than to support the business but not if their staff are clueless on how to deal with customers.

E: At least Lunn’s had staff who loved their work. Although we were denied by poor planning on our part, I was pleasantly surprised that the baker offered to bake us a pumpkin pie provided that we could return the next day for pickup. That kind of service is five star in my book.

Lunn's Pastries Deli & Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

As for the chocolate sweets James and I picked up to enjoy for the trip home, richly sweet are the only two words that I could come up with. I was still tasting tuna (in a good way), so my taste buds were a bit off.

J: Everything in Lunn’s shop looked good. They had chocolate molds of pumpkins, cars, trucks and cats and creatures from Halloween. But I will return to Lunn’s for their clam chowder, sandwiches and perhaps a pot of tea. Their service is first rate and I really must thank Michelle and her co-worker (sorry, I never got your name but you’ve helped me two years in a row) for making us feel like family. And after my return to the Western Communities, I’ll be thinking of my next visit to Sidney-by-the-Sea. Perhaps a small vacation in the town is needed to truly satisfy me.


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