I’m Screaming for Ice Cream (and to Travel Again)

Shug’s Ice Cream
and Soda Fountain
Pike Place Market
1525 1st Ave Seattle, WA

Hours: Thurs to Sun 2 pm to 8 pm
Phone: (206) 602-6420

I miss making my annual trip in March to Seattle, Washington. One reason is that this city is home to Emerald City Comic Con, the largest show celebrating pop culture for the Pacific Northwest (Canada included)! Last year’s event didn’t happen because of the pandemic. I was making my plans, but when Seattle became famous for being a hotbed of possibly getting infected, I knew I had to cancel.

ReedPOP made the wise call to “postpone” their event as nobody wants to get COVID-19, and while they are scheduling to resume for Winter 2021, just whether that will fly will depend on the global situation. Vaccines are being delivered and by Summertime, I should be a card carrying member of almost immune to COVID-19 club. I’m still going to wear a mask everywhere I go and have hand sanitizing wipes though! Upon landing, I know I’ll be making a beeline to Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream. They offer late night treats when the sugar craving calls! Throughout the year, plenty of seasonal flavours become available, but my plan is to attack the Big Eddie again–or I may order something different.

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[Seattle, WA] Come Sail Away with me at Sushi Kashiba

Sushi Kashiba
86 Pine St #1
Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 441-8844
Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

During the busy holiday weekends in Seattle, my advise is to make reservations if you want to insure getting a seat to dine at Sushi Kashiba. This port city is known for many things, and despite what anyone says about Pike Place Market, it’s home to many secret delights. I’ve known about this particular dining establishment for a while and keep on getting sidetracked when I discover something new. Even though I had a special fund just to dine here, it can get spent fast on other delights.

When considering Chef Kashiba trained under Jiro, a sushi master, I knew I’d be in for a treat.

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Pike Place Market is a B*tchin’ Place for Biscuits!

Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch at Caffé Lieto
1909 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 441-7999

Honestly, I think I’ve given up on trying to hit Bayou on 1st, located at Pike Place Market. Everytime I walk by there in the early morning, they are closed! Are they ever open on time, like 8am sharp? They are the closest place I can reach (before relying on Metro to hit the International district) to sate my crawfish craving whenever I’m in Seattle for a convention. One day, I will find it open, or else I’ll have to keep walking northwards to another inspired eatery (located inside Caffé Lieto), for other southern inspired fixins.

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How to Eat at Pike Place Market on the Cheap

Pike Place Market
First Ave. & Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market has more than enough diners and international food operations to make finding a brunch easy. With me starting at the north end of the market and working my way down to the main entrance, with only $25 in my coat pocket, just where should I go?

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Sampling the Food at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market
85 Pike St,
Seattle, WA
(206) 682-7453

I pretty much had nothing but seafood in mind for my major meals during my stay in Seattle, and no trip is complete without a trip to Pike Place Market. This place is where anyone can buy fresh wares from both the sea to sky. Fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood were abound, and while I’ve seen enough of the flying fish act before, I was not going to wait around for the next time it’d happen so I can grab a photograph.

I wasn’t going to be that much of a tourist, but I did finally get a chance to wander the market, poke around at Golden Age Collectables, and find a few new kiosks offering food samples or some interesting artistic wares. There is an area where any vendor can set up shop and sell their products. On the day that I went, I talked to the fine folks at Stewart’s Meat Market, and learned they offer up jerky in other forms too. They sell game meats, and I just wonder what kind of red tape I’ll have to deal with to get ‘gator, crocodile or rattlesnake past Canada Customs.

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Sounding off at Pike Place

Sound View Cafe
1501 Pike Pl., Suite 501
Seattle, Washington
(206) 623-5700

For some tourists, dining at Pike Place Market is a must. It’s a mecca for fresh seafood, vegetables and luxuries all over the world. Almost every culinary region is represented but as far as I’m concerned, this place is still part of a wharf. I was ready to wolf down the more exotic than traditional foods I saw here.

The place is a bit of a maze too, and it really takes a weekend to explore it. Unlike the early days where it wasn’t as famous or on the working days where this place isn’t as heavily trafficked, I’d enjoy wandering around and trying a few cafes and hitting Golden Age Collectables downstairs.

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