Pike Place Market is a B*tchin’ Place for Biscuits!

Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch at Caffé Lieto
1909 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 441-7999

Honestly, I think I’ve given up on trying to hit Bayou on 1st, located at Pike Place Market. Everytime I walk by there in the early morning, they are closed! Are they ever open on time, like 8am sharp? They are the closest place I can reach (before relying on Metro to hit the International district) to sate my crawfish craving whenever I’m in Seattle for a convention. One day, I will find it open, or else I’ll have to keep walking northwards to another inspired eatery (located inside Caffé Lieto), for other southern inspired fixins.

Biscuit Bitch is appropriately named because they serve up one mean biscuit layered with just about anything I could want! Half of what I got, a Gritty Scrambled Cheesy Bitch, as take-out was enough to get me going for the day, and by the time lunch time rolled around, I finished this meal up and was ready for round two at the convention center!

Bitching Biscuit Menu

I suspect free range eggs are used, and that makes for a whole lot of difference. The scrambled egg was very fluffy and the garlic flvoured grits had a great texture. I was shovelling more of these toppings into my mouth than the freshly made biscuit. When all of that was put together with the finely smooth chedder cheese, it made for a great breakfest. Although the place was loud (you have to pay attention to hear your name called), it’s certainly worth hitting to get a great meal to kickstart the day. The meals are processed quickly and I managed to stay on schedule to everything I wanted to do that day.

I should’ve ordered a coffee while here (I hear excellent baristas work here), but I don’t like relying on caffeine to do the job of waking me up and keeping me going. I debated stopping by here after Anglicon was over, but alas, I did not get in to town early enough. The person I was travelling with took his time in getting ready, and although I was very annoyed and sorely tempted to go Flo (from the classic 70’s sitcom Alice) on him, I restrained myself.

I had hoped for a bit of time at Pike Place Market in the morning before the sail home but at least I got my comics fix at Zanadu instead. The day was not ruined. Olivia-Newton John must’ve been smiling at me that day.

4½ Blokes out of 5

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