Fujiya’s Take-Out Sushi Hits

3624 Shelbourne St.
Saanich, BC
(250) 598-3711

Depending on the time of day that one visits Fujiya, the quality of the raw fish always varies. If you show up early enough, like ’round 11am, the fish is great, if not spectacular. As the day progresses, the quality might drop. But timing is everything here, including finding a few hidden specials, like uni in the refrigerator section.

I’ve been a regular there ever since they started selling sushi, and sadly, I miss seeing octopus, surf clam and scallop as part of their regular take-out menu offerings. You have to ask or order those particular platters in advance.

The cool thing is that Fujiya’s is actually a grocery store that’s scored high points for selling freshly made sushi. People going to work or nearby could come in and grab a quick meal. Back in the day, I could get a decent meal for less than $7. These days, it’s closer to $9. For me, the average price for a decently sized meal for me is at least $12, and I tend to vary my selection in each visit.

I always go for the raw fish than anything cooked. I have my two dietary staples: some variation of the tuna roll ($4.25) or slices of sashimi. That’s great when I want to control the amount of white rice I want to eat.

Today, I noticed something new (that I don’t often find when I visit in the off hours). I was a bit disappointed that the salad, called the Hawaiian Poke ($1.95), didn’t use yellow fin tuna (better known as ahi), but it was still delicious all the same. In it is regular tuna, salmon, sugar, vegetable oil, lemon, green onion, lettuce and soy sauce.

It’s very close to how it’s served in Hawaii, and I’ll have to start making it myself to include the much-needed octopi tendrils to really make this salad scrupulous.

The combination was great, and all that’s left in the plastic plate is the dressing used to flavour the lettuce. And since I bought it fresh, the lettuce didn’t get a chance to soften up like a woman’s tush.

I’m always after some kind of tail (the girls who work here are cute), but what I’m looking for at Fujiya’s is of a different persuasion. When I see tail here, it’s always some kind of crustacean and it’s always prawns.

The deep-fried ebi ($1.95) is always great, and I haven’t found a time when it was just too cold. I love the batter they use and there’s something about the crispy fried tail that gets my taste buds going for the day.

And when my days are often rushed, a stop at Fujiya’s helps slows things down.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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