From Downtown to Small Town, Cook Street Village

2015 Update:
This operation has permanent digs at: 1017 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC
(250) 889-5803

E: Our rainy day in Cook Street Village wasn’t over. And even though I was technically filled, I can always make room for tacos! At $2.50 a piece, La Taquisa has won both my heart and my wallet. As pricy as one piece sounds, it’s worth it. They press each soft shell right there while you wait, lightly heat it up, and put a good heap of filling on top. I opted for the Okanagan Valley beef and I savoured the taste.

I could have bought more, but I was simply craving a simple dessert.

J: I was more worried about the rainwater dripping off the roof onto the press. I think a pool had formed and our tortillas were being mixed into it. But mother nature did me no harm that day. Perhaps if I was in Los Angeles.

E: I’ve been to as far down as Anahiem to sample a few of Mexico’s signature dishes. But until I see cactus listed here, what this location offers is B.C. raised, if not grazed, products. For the most part, I’m really liking it. Even two tacos makes for a typical lunch. But next time, I’m going for their $10 meal deal.

We really must come back here, James, to try their other entrees. With gringas, burritos, quesadillas and soups on this list, I’m certain I can find more melodies to salivate my taste buds with.

J: She did invite us back for when they have a tarp up over their dining area. Nothing can be better than a summer evening in Cook Street Village with a plate full of tortillias (and a very large glass of milk).

La Taquisa on Urbanspoon

Like the intrepid explorers we are, we had earlier crossed over after seeing not one, not two but three signs advertising eateries located all in one building. Our stout hearts were rewarded with the find of a food court. The structure houses Minato Express Sushi, Messob Ethiopian Cuisine and Rica Salsa Mexican food. And construction is underway for a soon-to-open coffee shop (We have yet to learn the name). Ed and I etched this place into our memories. It’s definitely worth a stop over for a bite in this friendly and cozy atmosphere.


Our next stop was the Cook Street community’s own butcher shop, Island Meat & Seafood. Immaculately clean and well lit, it offered a host of local products. Their Salt Spring Island mussels and huge haggis caught my eye.

E: … and my heart-strings. I had to buy one, and it was more than tender-licious. It had a great texture and I could taste the oats and spice. It had more flavour than the one I had from Fairway. I know where to go when Robbie Burns Day rolls around next year.

J: Their food products are only limited by their space but these too are mostly local. Beautiful cheeses like Courtenay’s Natural Pastures, Salt Spring’s Moonstruck and local honey from Big D’s. And their milk one might guess would be Island Farms or Royal Oak Dairy, no, something better. Try Avalon Dairy. I find their milk rather old fashioned and creamy. I swoon over their chocolate milk.

E: I let James drop to the floor. I eyed the black forest bacon and licked my lips. I appreciated the thickness of their cuts. Two BLT’s later, I’m still reminded about its simple but yet complex flavour. There was an air of sweetness to it. Bacon lovers take note, there is no going back.

J: And for pet owners take note, Island Meats offers pet food and not the canned variety either.

The day Cross’ Meats closed its doors, I was disheartened. But since that time, you’ll find a really good butcher shop in Island Meats and they will have my patronage from now on.

While Ed wandered off to lose himself amongst the sea of films at Pic-A-Flic, I was making doubly sure I wouldn’t leave Cook-by-the-Sea without a stop off to see John, the owner of Cook Street Marketplace. A browse and a buy at John’s business could only benefit my good health. The prices were certainly healthy enough. I walked away with some fresh carrots, golden nugget potatoes and crispy Braeburn apples. Cook Marketplace has been a integral part of this community since 1986.


One thought on “From Downtown to Small Town, Cook Street Village

  1. I love living in the village! La Taquisa knows me by name and by my 5 taco order 🙂 The soup is really good too!


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