[Vancouver, BC] Late Night Bites at Urban Fare

qTlEcbqD_400x400Urban Fare
305 Bute St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-5831

J: I’ve been to many supermarkets and some impress me with their food, some impress me with their services, and some impress me with both. And while Ed and I were in Vancouver staying at the Marriott Pinnacle, I found a supermarket with all the qualities I was looking for. Urban Fare on Bute is pleasing to the eye both in their food selection and the design of the store. It doesn’t have that giant American supermarket feel.

It feels more intimate and it won’t be causing this Hungry Bloke any stress should I shop here. And it is not just the layout of the store that makes me feel welcome, the staff were exceptional in their service and very warm to a stranger like me. I’m glad I took the initiative and investigated this place for a bite to eat. Ed, fortunately, had both legs to walk in the store with had he not gnawed them off during his food deprivation.

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[Vancouver, BC] De Dutch Needs Management to Deliver More than Just Food

dedutchrestaurantlogoDe Dutch Pannekoek House
60-1055 Canada Place

Vancouver, BC
(604) 647-7530

“There’s only two things I can’t stand in this world,
people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch”
— Nigel Powers (Michael Caine)

J: I don’t think one can convince Austin Power’s dad to visit a Dutch pancake house, but Ed and I took a little prodding. In fact with a 10% discount card for De Dutch from the Marriott Pinnacle for being their guests, I was perhaps more excited than Ed to enjoy a nice Dutch served breakfast. Although there was no smoke and a pancake, I could feel the groove as I walked into a time warp. The decor of this popular restaurant and even the photos on the front of the menu screamed 1960’s. People looked at me as I entered. I wonder if my pants were too tight.

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[Vancouver, BC] Being Kissed at Aki Japanese Restaurant

IMG_3780Aki Japanese Restaurant
1368 W Pender St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-4032

J: If there is one thing Victoria as a city lack, that is an authentic Japanese restaurant. Ed and I had to cross the water just to sample some delicacies after I did some research and found this place. Ed listened to me dribble with excitement over our impending meal on the ferry ride over, and I don’t think this time you will hear Ed complain.

E: I doubt eating crab is considered part of an everyday meal. This trendy restaurant kicks a lot of concepts in what is considered Japanese style high dining up to sinfully pleasurable levels. I’d say this establishment is deserving of at least two Michelin stars! I’m glad that we popped into this city for a prolonged trip just to reacquaint ourselves with what we’re missing from big city living. Not since going to Whistler or Seattle (combined) have I found a comparable restaurant. At Aki, Spring has truly arrived and the waitresses are cute too. Technically, Aki means Autumn, and I was prepared to try to impress the ladies with the limited Japanese I knew.

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[Vancouver, BC] Just Relaxing at Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods

Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods
1102 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-6092

Moonpennies deserves more credit for being open during holiday hours than any other operation in the business district of Vancouver. When I needed a break from Fan Expo Vancouver on a Saturday, this diner was not too far away to settle into for a relaxing time from the chaos that’s known as nerd fandom.

Although they were not open early enough for breakfest, I found them ready, willing and able for lunch! I’m sure everyone went to Subway or Starbucks instead, but if they only travelled a few blocks more, they would’ve found a more calm place to sit in.

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