[Vancouver, BC] Just Relaxing at Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods

Moonpennies Coffee & Fine Foods
1102 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-6092

Moonpennies deserves more credit for being open during holiday hours than any other operation in the business district of Vancouver. When I needed a break from Fan Expo Vancouver on a Saturday, this diner was not too far away to settle into for a relaxing time from the chaos that’s known as nerd fandom.

Although they were not open early enough for breakfest, I found them ready, willing and able for lunch! I’m sure everyone went to Subway or Starbucks instead, but if they only travelled a few blocks more, they would’ve found a more calm place to sit in.

This diner is spacious. You order at the counter and they deliver a home cooked meal to you. In my case, it was the Farmer’s Market sandwich. Soups and wraps are offered too, but I just wanted a meal to keep me going. And there was two types of bread. I went for ciabatta, which was almost made right. I’m picky in how I like that type of starch made and it could’ve been better. At least the combination of fillings were good and they helped hit the spot. I was left thinking I should’ve ordered something more heartier, but the combination basil, pesto, arugula, tomato and eggplant was good. The avocado was fresh and the eggplant was decent. For the latter, it could have been thicker. This sandwich is meant more for vegetarians and it was satisfying. Though when I get heavy carnivore cravings, I’ll have to seek another place out.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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