[Vancouver, BC] De Dutch Needs Management to Deliver More than Just Food

dedutchrestaurantlogoDe Dutch Pannekoek House
60-1055 Canada Place

Vancouver, BC
(604) 647-7530

“There’s only two things I can’t stand in this world,
people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch”
— Nigel Powers (Michael Caine)

J: I don’t think one can convince Austin Power’s dad to visit a Dutch pancake house, but Ed and I took a little prodding. In fact with a 10% discount card for De Dutch from the Marriott Pinnacle for being their guests, I was perhaps more excited than Ed to enjoy a nice Dutch served breakfast. Although there was no smoke and a pancake, I could feel the groove as I walked into a time warp. The decor of this popular restaurant and even the photos on the front of the menu screamed 1960’s. People looked at me as I entered. I wonder if my pants were too tight.

E: If time wasn’t an issue (we woke up a little late), I may have tried out the pannekoek instead, a monster mash of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and garden salad. Sadly the piggy went to the market and I had a turkey bacon as a substitute. Discount notwithstanding, at least the food offered at De Dutch is a step above Denny’s for taste and quality.

J: De Dutch was busy but I wasn’t deterred. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I wasn’t going to go without. Even with a full house it didn’t take long to get our meals.

Da Dutch Vancouver IMG_0518

The eggs Benedict was certainly delicious and the hash browns had a nice kick to it. But this is where the service at De Dutch started to fall apart. It started with the little things like no ketchup at our table. Soon it was a coffee that was ordered that never arrived at our table. None of the servers came to check to see if our meal was okay or if we experienced any problems.

This may sound like a rant about how horrible the service is but I assure you it is not. I observed the operations of the servers in the front end and none of the blame for the poor service could be laid at their feet. The thing De Dutch lacks is one person in charge to oversee the many servers who fluttered about the place. These young girls (and the fault is not due to their age) were pulling double duty both seating the customers and serving their food. And when a place like this is busy and there is no hand to steer the ship, things go bad. No one but the management is at fault here.

E: I think the problem here is this particular franchise’s location. At a busy waterfront next door to the Vancouver Convention Center, you’d think management would know better. I think I’d have to try another location before I can really pass judgement. Thankfully there is a location in Victoria that’s not too far from where I live. And I can try to appreciate the semi-Dutch meal that this establishment offers. They do offer dishes inspired from the Netherlands, but what I had really was nothing special. I literally passed the bread over to James since I was not that enthused with what I ate. I had visions of making it to the convention center more than caring about the meal.

Yeah, not getting my coffee in time made me grumpy.

J: And I can confirm Ed’s grumpiness. He was like a hibernating bear who woke up one month too early. Ed tried his best but even his bad vibes were sent my way, and I’m his best friend. But let this be a lesson for that particular franchise operation of De Dutch. For me, it takes some really poor service to warrant a rant. But for Ed, you only have to deprive him of his morning caffeine.

3 Blokes out of 5

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