Taste That Took the Wrong Fork In the Road

Crossroads Bar & Grill

1889 Old Island Highway
Colwood, BC

Update:  (07/28/12) – Crossroads Bar & Grill is no longer at the 1889 Old Island Highway location.

Update: (0524/11) – Following the recent post from the owner of Crossroads Bar & Grill, I want to state clearly that the name of the “House Burger” information was given to me by their server on the night in question. I took that info in good faith but I have now been corrected thankfully by Crossroads. It is not their House Burger but their “Fundraiser Burger.”

Some people follow the philosophy that some things should be best kept a secret. And on many occasions I’d agree, but this time I can’t. I can no longer keep this secret.

It took place last year. I was invited to an evening fundraiser for a junior football team by a friend. The event was to take place at the Crossroads Bar & Grill. Tickets were roughly $20 which included a meal. Now don’t get me wrong, Crossroad’s has a nice look to it both inside and out although a little cramped for a guy like me. You only had to partially fill the bar to have me bump into waitresses and punters. Or maybe I’m just used to walking about like Godzilla minus the swinging tail. But it was the meal itself that keeps me from returning.

If you call something your House Burger, then it should represent the best burger that Crossroads Bar & Grill has to offer. In a sense it should represent Crossroads much like Myles Goodwyn is the frontman of April Wine. To have it fall short would be like asking Kanye West to substitute. Fall short it didn’t, fall headlong into the Sarlacc pit it did.

The fries that came with the meal were okay but the burger came with one lettuce leaf, 2 onion rings and that’s it. No pickle, no cheese, no mushrooms and not even a tomato slice. The burger was hard and chewy. I couldn’t finish it. I thought someone had slipped a coaster in it but no. And the lettuce? Can you say past expiry?

I have yet to recall a worst burger than what was served that night.

The experience wasn’t softened by the service either. The waitresses, with the exception of one, were unfriendly. I could understand if I was attempting to get their phone numbers but seriously, would it hurt to smile or exchange basic pleasantries?

I know I’ll have to go back one day because I’m positive Ed will jump at the chance to try this place out for himself. But coaxing me would require a plan to make Hannibal Smith proud because Hannibal, I ain’t getting on no plane.

1 Bloke out of 5

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One thought on “Taste That Took the Wrong Fork In the Road

  1. Hi James. I'm Mike Spence, owner of CrossRoads Bar & Grill. This is very good information as we have always wondered if we were doing ourselves a disservice by hosting these events. You see the burger you had was not the "House Burger" but rather…for lack of a better term…the "Fundraiser Burger". Most fundraiser organizers want to keep the ticket price to below $20.00 and want to make as much profit as possible. This means using the cheapest product possible…a frozen(flavourless) burger patty and very limited toppings. Our CrossRoads Burger comes with Bacon and Smoked Cheddar and the patty is made in-house using grain fed beef and a small amount of pork(no growth hormones or animal bi-products) and starting this week, will be sourced from Quist Farms right here on Vancouver Island. Part of our commitment to a sustainable local food system. With the cutbacks to sports and arts programs we want to do what we can to help these organizations raise necessary funding, but as you have shown us with your review, this method appears to be a mistake.I hope you will make the trip to the CrossRoads again and have one of our 'true' house burgers. Ask if my wife, Lee, or I are in the building. We would like to meet you and would be happy to buy your lunch or dinner.


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