Ferris Oyster Bar’s Day Off

E: Late Saturday evening was ablaze with several fun-filled activities for James and I. Amazingly, I dragged him out from work and into downtown Victoria for two after-parties. It was the second day of the Victoria Film Festival, and it was far better than I had imagined.

After a busy day, I waited for James at Absolute Underground’s Lloyd the Conqueror screening pre-party shin-dig ….

J: And I was fashionably late as usual. I was eager to mingle with some very talented and creative people; I hadn’t done so since Victoria’s Celebration of the Body. I prefer a good social party over a booze-up any day. Some of us are incapable of drinking pints of beer while standing on our head unlike my writing partner.

After Ed gave me a joking lecture we hurried along to Ferris’ Oyster Bar, a snug eatery on the second floor of a brick building in the old part of town.. With a limited amount of space, one has to watch out for the eventual stampede to the bar. One wrong move and you’ll find yourself wearing someone else’s jacket when you leave.

E: I haven’t back here in quite a long time, and even then, I loved what Ferris’ offered. Although I never consumed much beyond their oysters, I fell in love with the soft cuddly and tasty blue cheese. We were not here to do a review, but I can definitely say they really know how to cater.

J: I love it when a blue cheese gives you a love bite. Now that’s some good cheese. The oysters however weren’t fresh. Had they been I would have seen them served on a bed of crushed ice accompanied by various sauces. But there was no complaints about the rest of the food or the service. And best of all, the food was free.

While Ed mingled with the cast and crew of “A Little Bit Zombie“, I helped myself to a second plate. But how gauche it was of me to forget that when planning a second plate, always use a clean plate off the table.

You’d think that my days of attending theatrical parties would’ve taught me something.

E: James and I will have to return to sample the real menu. I’ve often thought about revisiting these shores, but with so many seafood places to go to, even I can get choosy.

And as Two Hungry Blokes, we’ve even suggested to writer Trevor Martin some of the best seafood eateries. Barb’s Fish n’ Chips at Fisherman’s Wharf is a nice area. The seafood is great, but the fries…

J: As much fun as I was having I had to spread my wings and fly into the downtown night. With a stopover at the Absolute Underground store front, we spent the little time we had time conversing with Mike Allen, the webmaster of 28 Days Later Analysis.

Our hopes to speak with or even catch a glimpse of Harland Williams and Mike Smith from the Canadian flick Lloyd the Conqueror, was not to be. Sadly I had a scheduled date with the last bus out of town, but with my track record I should call myself lucky.

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