Sitting down for a spell at Voodoo Coffee and Taboo Gourmet Cheesecake

Voodoo Coffee and Taboo Gourmet Cheesecake
400-2950 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC

When a name like Voodoo Coffee and Taboo Gourmet Cheesecake hits me with a ‘must try’ spell, I was in there and enjoying some beautifully smooth chocolate cheesecake pie. I was more than captivated. This place does very well to replace the once popular Cheesecake Café that graced this city of Victoria more than ten years ago.

I actually enjoyed the cheesecakes from that larger operation. They had some interesting designer cheesecakes at whopper-sized slices. For its price, they were worth it. As for why they closed, changed names and etc., what I’ve heard as to reasons why were only rumours, and it’s best not to even suggest until I get some truth.

But if Victorians are missing a taste of what really good smooth cheesecake is like, I suggest heading over to this new diner. The owner was very kind to please a new customer (me) near closing time, and I sat down to enjoy a complementary coffee with my cheesecake. To enjoy a smooth and creamy delight really does require a cream cheese that’s made as pure as possible.

And I must say that if one large slice is too much, this operation has mini-sized cupcakes and even smaller (half the size of a cupcake), appropriately titled “Taboo Teezers”, which comes in a variety of flavours. What customers find every day will be completely different, so coming back on a regular basis will be worth it.

This operation even has free Wi-Fi, which makes it easier to visit if you have a workload.

½ Blokes out of 5

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