Is Mafia Burger Back!?

Note: This restaurant is no longer operating or is at this location.

Mafia Burger
525 Fort St.
Victoria, B.C.
Serving from 11:30am to 4:30pm

The burger dons are back, and this particular foodie could not be any more happier. To see Mafia Burger partnered up with Temple is a far better choice for venue than their previous partnership, which I’ve openly lamented about. I’ve dined in Temple before, and the food was very good, if not a bit pricey.

To see the two establishments working together only raises the stakes in the battle of the burger scene here in Victoria.

Although the Temple Restaurant and Lounge is technically closed, to hear that both establishments are poised to make a comeback is welcome news. Temple is a full rental venue and catering facility these days. As for when they’re open, the space is active when the Mafia needs to be in operation.

And to see this burger joint dispense some interesting treats under an auspiciously named venue may have some Victorians wondering if the gangsters are hooking up with the Bishops of culinary delights (I had the pommes frites here a long time ago, and they were delicious!) to take Victoria by storm.

I now have a reason to visit the “Mafia” some more, and dispense a proper culinary critique in the style of Eliott Ness. Or not, the Temple has become the Mafia’s new turf after all.

Mafia Burger on Urbanspoon


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