Rifflandia 2014: A Taste of What You Missed

If you missed Rifflandia 2014, you have reason to be crying in your beer because you just missed one hell of a weekend. But now is the time to dry your eyes by planning a Gulf Island vacation around Rifflandia 2015. With Riff getting better with each festival, imagine what next year will bring.

Look for for local business SO-YA Japanese Izakaya Dining and Trounce Alley making their appearances in this Rifflandia video.

Betty and Kora‘s Rifflandia Highlights 2014 was shot and cut by Jim Vanderhorst of Rebel Cause Films.

Featured in the video are Head of the Herd, Serena Ryder, Death Cab for Cutie, Hilltop Hoods, Del the Funky Homosapien, Danny Brown, Kytami, and Dead Air.

The song for this video is We Could Get Together by Head of the Herd, from the album By This Time Tomorrow (2013).


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