Defining the Divine at Grace Sushi


Grace Sushi
#100-1619 Store St.,
Victoria, BC
(778) 265-9759

For over a year, Grace Sushi has occupied the space on Store St. that was once The Kaz. I’m not sure what the full story is behind the previous establishment’s departure, but in the past, they offered the space for Sen Zushi to occupy when their Fort Street location was devastated by a fire. Until it was all rebuilt, this other establishment fulfilled some sushi diner’s needs. Now they have moved back, and I’m the type to try all the places in town … just where I like to go lays with what is in the vicinity, before going to a play.

I had to see what kind of divine intervention could occur by walking into a location that’s now changed hands.

Price-wise, this place is very reasonable! The variety offered includes temaki (cone rolls), maki rolls (like the tempura style bacon I had) to traditional. I had scallop and tuna. One roll that caught my eye in trying another time is the Ikamite (deep-fried squid). The ratio of protein to rice was very good and there was a sweetness from the sushi rice that I really liked. It helped bring the flavours of the bacon out. The regular pieces did not stand out as much. While the quality of the scallops was great, I thought it could have benefited from some extra oomph like with a bit of flying fish roe.

This operation is almost on par with the past business. Sadly, the service was a bit lacking, even during the quiet time that I was there. I should not have to ask for a refill of my cup of complimentary tea. Some operations charge, and this one I was not sure if I was limited to one or not. This place strikes me as more of a take-out operation than a dine-in. More customers arrived to pick up orders than to stay in.

When considering the location is in a tucked away side of Chinatown (towards the water), coming back will be a hard sell. It’s on my list, but how long it will stay depends on my mood for what I like to have before a show at the McPherson Playhouse.

3 Blokes out of 5


2 thoughts on “Defining the Divine at Grace Sushi

  1. Your reviews are great! Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    What about a review for the new “My name is Sushi” on Jacklin in Langford, at the former Kon Thai location (which I very much miss!)…?


    • I’m not out in Langford much, but in my next visit to James’ neck of the woods, I’ll see about going there. Maybe I can pull my buddy out of his cave too. He’s been busy with his day jobs.


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