Paper Street Theatre’s Halloween Treats!

Runs Oct 24th-27th at the Intrepid Theatre
Address: 1609 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 2J5

Victoria, British Columbia’s Paper Street Theatre knows their pop culture. As an improv group, they enjoy getting audiences to laugh. Some might arrive already in giggles because they enjoy their shows far too much. Their performances take place throughout the year and are themed. That is, they are spiced with a little bit of every literary or oral tradition out there. This themed night had fog machines and ambient lighting room straight out of The Exorcist to get everyone into the mood for supernatural delights!

During this weekend leading up to Halloween, the team has supernatural campfire stories to tell. Some have the taste of urban legend spread all over it and others are truly creepy, Twilight Zone style. Ideas for story titles are taken from a community bucket, and the more bizarre they sound, the more challenging it is to put into a coherent narrative. With improv, the performers do not have time to consult with one another to decide on how the story can go, and everyone has to think quickly as they are under many peering eyes. Under the dimming light, not every glance will glow red.

Props go Daniel Godlovitch, sound designer and engineer, to create the right ambiance. He also has to quickly know what the cast is doing, and offer tones to sync to the magic happening on stage. He has synthesizers and soundboards all ready to give just the right diabolus in musica to the unfolding story.

If the ambiance does not sell the mood, the entire delivery will fall flat. I was glued to the stories of skeletons (both literal and in the closet), unhinged doctors and lingering spirits in the woods all the way through. That was a sampling last nights tales. At least a dozen was told, and I could go all night hearing more.

Each night will be different. To pull words out of the hat is random; to hit on an unusual concept can get wickedly hilarious. This troupe has never failed to deliver, especially with their pokes at pop culture (or pokemon). The only real shame is that this show, like others, only runs for four nights. I checked online and advance tickets for the Friday show are sold out. A handful of passes should be available at the door.

One year, this crew will consider adding a few more days. With this event being so close to Halloween, even this group likes to party too.

5 Blokes out of 5


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