Big Wheel, Fast Food or No?

Big Wheel Burger
341 Cook St.

Cook Street Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-0050

J: My latest adventure with my roly poly compadre, Ed, brought me to the gentle little community of Cook Street Village. The area is known for Beacon Hill Park and for the tidy little shops that dot the Cook Street scenery. I managed to come away from this excursion with a bottle of Old Tyme pancake syrup (a product I used with frequency in the 1980’s) from Oxford Foods.

I also obtained fresh produce from Cook Street Market (established 1986) and I would’ve rented a British comedy DVD or two from Pic-A-Flic but I lacked the credentials.

E: We wound up in this area at the suggestion of Erin, who posted on our blog, suggesting we should review Big Wheel Burgers.

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