All I can say is I’m game!

You tell me James. I’ve been reviewing diners and restaurants for my college paper, Nexus, for the past year and I look forward to branching out and covering more than just the beaten path. I know my focus is for the starving student who wants someplace close by to quickly head to, but there’s more than just Victoria, BC to review — there’s the world!

Well, for now, I want to cover the entire southern Vancouver Island region because there are some great places that not everyone will know about. They deserve mention even if they’ve been covered to death in other magazines and review sites.

I want to brave the Colwood Crawl to try places out where you live, James, and also head up to Sidney, BC to get a Taste of Tokyo. I’ve been there, loved what I ate, but can chefs bring it home to here in this quaint town we live in known as Victoria? Sidney is just a short bus ride away, so I have to head there … if not to buy books, then definitely to dine there.

While we all know Victoria is a tourist haven, let’s see if we can find complete meals for less than $20. Sometimes it can be done and sometimes it can’t. That’s going to be our mission.

Can we do it? By hook or by crook, we’re going to try.

Avast ye mates, we’re off to sail the seven seas! Now where’s that eyepatch?

Nevermind, I have my fedora.


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