Taking Another Bite Locally

From one food sampling event to another, James and I are planning on hitting Fernwood Bites. Well, that’s assuming there’s still tickets left. Like the ICC Fest, this one has an impressive list of vendors. Unlike it, this one’s exercising crowd control.

Tickets are $35, and they can be bought at Lucy’s in the Square, Fernwood Inn, Cornerstone Cafe and the Fernwood Community Centre.

In this inaugural event, there’ll be plenty to do, like live music to dance to and a silent auction to spend your money on. Not only will it expand our already growing waistlines but also contribute to a good cause. It’s a fundraiser for a much needed Fernwood Neighbourhood Chest Fund. It’s designed to help the community grow and use in times of need.

So shake your tail feather, and let’s support our local communities.


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