To market, to market

Goldstream Station Market
Every Saturday
10am – 2pm
June 5th – October 16th, 2010
Bryn Maur Rd.
Langford, BC

This little piggy went to market and boy did I come away with some goodies. The Goldstream Station Market was advertising a zucchini cook off and zuke races, but due to unforseen circumstances it turned into a zucchini show-off. With just Chef Dave Higgins exihibiting his prowress, I doubt anyone could stand up to this man after tasting his soulfull bruschetta. With the exception of the bread, all ingrediants were local.

Maybe the zuke races was a group elderly people equipped with scarves and flying helmets. They would be driving modified zimmer frames with big wheels, aided by a switch to dispense iron pills for pep. But the truth was thankfully not stranger than fiction. It was more like Scout’s Canada cub car races with toys allowed and zucchinis as the official drivers.

In a daze I wandered off to take in all the sights and delights that were offered on a silver platter. Next to Chef Dave were Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and IslaBonita. I’ve been hooked on Little Qualicum Cheeseworks for quite some time; however on this trip I picked up a nice strong blue cheese. I find it’s good with vegetable crackers or with slices of sausage.

IslaBonita (250-896-1377) is a relatively new business run by a family of recent immigrants from Mexico. Diego, Maritza and their daughter Brenda all had a hand in producing sorbet made with real fruit. Plus it’s low in sugar and has no dairy.

A lack of non-dairy treats in Canada was the driving force behind this idea.

From low in sugar to smooth and sweet, Highland Honey Farm’s (250-478-9144) owner Rob Justice caught the beekeeping bug from helping his father-in-law. With two locations for hives in Jordan River and two more in Metchosin, expect Rob’s near retirement to benefit us all. He has future plans for expansion. Being as busy as a bee can only bring the sweet taste of success. I’ll be buzzing your way soon Rob.

On a side note. Rob recommended to me a great little place. The Lil European Smokehouse (715 Goldstream Ave.) carries homemade sausages and smoked meats. Rob speaks very highly of them.

But neither meat nor golden honey was on my list for this trip, Beefsteak tomatoes were what I craved. Four pounds ($2.25 per lb.) from Glanford Greenhouses made a great treat for family members.

Glanford Greenhouses (3968 Glanford Ave.) has been in business since 1960 and is currently run by Ling and Doug Eng. They’re open daily from 10 am to 6 pm during May to October.

And Japanese radishes from Trevor & Nao Peterson’s Bilston Creek Organics (750 Pears Rd) were nowhere in sight. The lovely Nao informed me I was a week early and my heart sank. I had my first taste of radish over two months ago and to be quite honest, I’ve never tasted anything quite like it since.

And I wasn’t quick enough to the Littler Farms (3564 Happy Valley Rd.) table. I’ve purchased from them many times before and always came away satisfied. No large warehouse or store bought generic eggs can beat the quality of what comes from here. Just make your way to the adress of coop #1, 2342 Cluck Cluck Lane. Go around to the back, knock 5 times and tell the rooster James sent you.


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