Fine dining over at Foo

Foo Asian Street Food
769 Yates Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-3111

Put me on a zip line, and I’ll be making one super fast trip to Foo Foods whenever I’m downtown. They have an octopus salad that’s out of the ordinary.

This fusion style diner is making a name for itself. It opened Sept of last year and it has been getting a lot of attention. The place is still going on strong, and after a year, I’m still liking this place.

When I first visited, I tried their beef and prawn combo.

And oh boy, I had to take off my hat to them. Well, not just because I was starting to feel warm, but it had a consistent flavour that I loved. My complete thoughts can be found over at Nexus, but for today, I’m concentrating on this salad.

The octopus tendrils are tenderly cooked and was soft to bite on. It was hardly chewy at all, and that’s a huge score for lovers of this cephalopod. With a fine grilled crisp along its edges and the sublime flavour of citrus found in this salad, I was sold.

Okay, I have a weakness for lime, but the chefs here know what works to accentuate the flavours. There wasn’t enough to fill me up, but I can imagine what three orders of this salad would do. I’d still take a dive deep into the ocean blue for more. The octopi can spray my face with ink, and I’d still be craving more.

The trick to eating this salad is to eat it right away. Don’t do take out. The longer the lettuce and sprouts sits in the sauce, the better the chance it’ll get soggy. If one wants crispy greens, sit for a spell and savour everything this meal has to offer. It won’t fill you up, but will leave your taste buds doing the mamba.

4 Blokes out of 5

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