Foraging for Hedgehogs

Cakes Etc.
2821 Quesnel Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 360-2390

Dare I say it? Well, the day after, what lays before me in a secretive box is not a furry or spiny beast that I trapped from Cakes Etc. It’s what I’m going to discover in a chocolate treat that’s said to be hand dipped in chocolate, rolled in oat crumble and lightly drizzled in white icing and chocolate lace.

Better known as a Hedgehog ($1.50 per), what I dug my fork into was tough to break into. It’s not easy to simply jab the rotund cake to life. It’s hard exterior is equally matched with a meaty interior, meaning it’s a thicker product to consume.

I’m a fan of lighter deserts than something heavy, because after one forkful, I’m ready to fall over like a log. It’ll take me time to enjoy this dessert in its entirety, and I could very easily nibble on it all day than to let it go.

Okay, I’m sadistic. Given the amount of sweets I’ve been having lately, tis better to have small amounts than to eat it in one go. At least I’ll be able to burn off the calories faster.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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