Oak Bay’s Blethering Tea House’s New Face

Now known as Oak Bay Bistro, this new dining establishment has a new look and is open to the public. I came across this news when I picked up the May 2011 issue of Snap! Victoria, a photo newspaper spotlighting local culture.

Local designer J.C. Scott reworked the interior decor and according to this article, new booths were added, a new bar was built, and fancy lighting fixtures were created. A month was spent renovating this place. The new owners Bart Reed, partner in Moka House, Beagle Pub and Island Meat & Seafood in Cook Street Village, and Petr Prusa, the owner of Floyd’s Diner, couldn’t be any happier. The snapshots taken during their opening celebration showed some grandeouse smiles.

When our schedule permits, the Two Hungry Blokes crew will have to visit to see how well their meals fare. We can only hope this new establishment will continue some Blethering Place traditions. It’d make Robbie Burns proud.


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