Burger’s in the Village

The Village Burgers
Unit 105 – 3800 Bayview St.
Richmond, BC
(604) 275 6710

While away from the rock, and adventuring to a part of Richmond that I haven’t been to before, I found a little dive known as The Village Burgers. They serve up a variety of burgers. And the French fries I saw the kids there nibbling on looked good. I was treated to a rousing rendition of “O Canada” while waiting for my Hinden Burger ($9.95), and the wait was worth it.

The burger patty was cooked on the spot. During my seven minute wait, I could smell the bacon and meat teasing my senses. When my order was ready, I started to glug down my cup of freshly squeezed lemonade. After being on a boat with a few salty dogs and finding mostly energy drinks in the cooler, this drink was absolutely refreshing. When I got back to the boat, the first thing I had to ask was for one of my friends, either Brydon or John, to grab a snapshot of me, perhaps crashing like the airship from long ago.

The juicy condiments and yummy beef patty had me devouring this like my life was about to come to an end. I really liked the simple combo of bacon, mayo, crispy lettuce and cheese. I’m sure the cheese was processed, but the bacon was impeccable. They weren’t just random pre-crisped slices. They were fresh off the grill and the oils were still bubbling.

The fatty juices from that and the condiments made for a messy treat that ran down my arm. I could’ve hardly let that bother me since every bite was perfect. With a six inch skewer to hold the monster together, I was tackling the beast like a terror from the deep myself. The two patties were very juicy in their own right. I felt stuffed afterwards.

I have to say this place uses simplicity in its meals. But they can also create some interesting delights that I’ll have to try the next time I’m back in Steveston village.

On the beaten track are numerous diners and restaurants to cajole tourists from downtown Vancouver. And with plenty of seafood abound, I had to ignore the obvious and go for the meat. This place also has a buffalo burger that I’m curious about, and they do a style of fries called Golden Lattice. If that isn’t enough, the deep fried banana and jackfruit (turon) was very tantalizing.

Another visit has to be in order, but next time I’m here, I’ll have to schedule a weekend to see what other delights await me. With a welcoming seafaring community here (I stayed overnight in a a small fishing trawler), I’ll have to see what other challenges are awaiting my taste buds.

4½ blokes out of 5

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