Putting a Heart on Fire

The Spice Jammer
852 Fort Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 480-1055

Today’s installment comes from our guest writer, Michael Allen, the webmaster of 28 Days Later Analysis, an informative website dedicated to news and reviews in the independent horror entertainment scene.

Spice Jammer is one of the true dining delights offered by this small West Coast town. They have East African cuisine and are highly regarded for its flavourful curries and marsalas. The food, combined with the service and atmosphere, create an exceptional casual dining experience.

Is the Spice Jammer the best Indian restaurant in Victoria? This exotic food lover would give an emphatic yes. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a night here, then your first memories will likely be about the fine service. Immediately upon entering Spice Jammer, I was greeted by a host wearing a dark red kurta. I was quickly seated in a lushly coloured sitting area and my order for appetizer samosas and naan bread was promptly taken. The only imperfection in service was the slower time in preparing the meals; with over 15 occupied tables, the reason for the delay was understood.

The authentic East Indian artwork and tapestries gave the newly renovated Spice Jammer a warm, relaxing glow. The sitar music and the mood made me feel like I was actually there while the hosts danced hurriedly around the tables.

One of the elements that made this dining experience special was the hot and spicy food. There are options for mild and medium curries. But for those with a strong palette are encouraged to try the hot and extra hot sauces. Your stomach might revolt as mine did—yet the charge to your metabolism should be welcomed. On the menu, there are at least 30 quality choices to be made, ranging from curried lamb to chilli flavoured beef.

All of your options can be paired with spicy rice, or with more naan. Just make sure you ask for extra water, as the curries will light your mouth on fire. I personally chose the Indian Pale Ale to put out my fire, while other less sensitive palettes might not even notice the intensity.

Priced at $45 for a serving for two, which included appetizers, two main dishes and alcoholic beverages, this is not an overly priced eating experience. One can, however, search for coupons to lighten the load on the wallet. There really is no other Indian restaurant comparable to Spice Jammer and my hope is that you will find the time to enjoy the atmosphere, as much as I did.

4½ Blokes out of 5

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3 thoughts on “Putting a Heart on Fire

  1. Is Spice Jammer the best Indian restaurant in Victoria? This exotic food lover would give an emphatic NO.Granted I've only had the buffet here, but it was pretty awful. Sizzling Tandoor is infinitely better, and even they have a few weak spots on their menu.


  2. The best tasting Indian restaurant in town! 🙂 dk you should try dinner time


  3. Love this place . The dinner menu is where the real gems are. You must be cheap and you get what you pay for. all you can eat for 12 bucks . That's a good deal and the Buffett is great but like I said dinner menu is exceptional


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