Fernwood Bites 2011, this coming Sunday.

Well, not quite, but yes, James and I will kick-start the summer (at least) by attending Fernwood Bites 2011. This local event returns for its second year, and we’re already donning our bibs in preparation. I don’t know if I can convince James to sport a bonnet to celebrate his Scottish heritage, but we’ll see since this year’s event promises to have more wine tasting.

But for me, I’m looking forward to sampling what Kulu Restaurant, The Parsonage Cafe, Stage Wine Bar, and The Superior will offer. They’re just a few names out of the many that will be present.

And upon entry, I’ll most likely make a beeline to the Sea Cider Farm’s table. I bought a jar of hickory smoked sunflower seeds from them last year at the Organic Islands Festival and Sustainability Expo, and that barely survived a week. Although I don’t expect to see them selling a complete line of their other products, anything can happen. I’m already curious to see if I can find the elusive huckleberry when that Expo returns in 2012.


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