This Better Be the Best F#%@in’ Coke Ever!

Fernwood Inn
1302 Gladstone Ave.
Victoria, BC
(250) 412-2001

J: After Two Hungry Blokes, came, saw and ate at Fernwood Bites 2011, it seemed only proper to keep Ed walking until the alcohol wore off (or wore out). Emergency coffee was needed and Fernwood Inn only too gladly supplied. This place has changed from its days as the George & Dragon.

It’s no longer a dimly lit pub that I recall with bad karoake nights going alongside with good food. Now it’s a modern looking Euro style pub with a roomy and clean patio dining area.

E: Ending the day here was perfect. It wasn’t busy when we arrived, and this was a post Bites mortum hour. People were starting to trickle in. Surprisingly I was still hungry but it was Fernwood Coffee that I was after to wake me up. I needed a good dose before I even considered driving home.

Much has been said about this restaurant, but when I saw Tuna Tataki on the menu, this was an appy that I had to try.

J: While Ed ordered the tataki, I ordered a simple Coke. I didn’t state the size I wanted and I forgot I was in a pub. I didn’t realize how expensive basic drinks can get.

When I looked at the bill, the $3.25 nearly choked this Scotsman. I’m guessing you can order your pop in three sizes and they are “pricey,” “hey now,” and “my girlfriend’s paying.”

E: At least the coffee ($2.50) was more reasonable. One cup and I bounced back to life. I used the little packets of brown sugar over the other choices and it made that cup just that extra special.

The albacore tuna was definitely sashimi grade, and since this was shared nibble, I would’ve easily fought chopstick mastery with James in a duel for the best pieces of seared fish. The chef did a great job in not overdoing the sear factor. It’s rare for me to venture to the other side of eating fish. While one appy is not enough to rate a restaurant, I can certainly say this was one meal I savoured. The scallions and onions were nice and sweet. The price was worth its weight in gold.

J: Even though I agree with Ed that the Tataki was good, the appy was still on the expensive side, as was most of their menu. And when it comes down to losing a chopstick duel with Ed, one can always resort to the Moe Howard two digit maneuver before scooping the last piece of delectable tuna.

4 Blokes out of 5

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