I’m Jumping Jack Flash

This operation has closed.

Jackalope Bistro
760A Yates St.
Victoria, BC
(778) 430-5673

I originally wrote this piece for Nexus Newspaper to print, and instead of giving a director’s cut with extra details here, I thought I’d simply add a few extra notes about the evolution of Diagon, er Odeon Alley.

Actually this place is supposed to be known as Millie’s Lane, but for me, this location is always going to be the Odeon.

Over a year ago, the location was home to Fasta Pasta, and while the portions were a great value for the money, it’s too bad the operation didn’t take off. Jackalope Bistro resides in where Fasta was.

I’m not sure if the pasta shop closed down or changed ideas, but Trevor, one of the owners of Jackalope said he wasn’t around then. When he started up the Jackalope, word was quickly buzzing in the foodie community. I have to note that he’s keeping the Fasta spirit alive: good food at great prices. I could’ve been here earlier, when the operation started, with Don from the Vic Burger Blog, but other commitments kept me away.

After a disappointing time at an event in View Royal over the July 23rd weekend, I headed back home. Since I was downtown, the escape down a magical alley was exactly what I needed and into the rabbit hole I went.

I was on the hunt for Jackalope. While no rabbit meat is being served here yet, the bovine that’s used in the patties certainly made for a good start. The care and attention into building a burger is certainly worth noting and to get it made within minutes from ordering is always a class act–especially when the place is quiet.

I wanted to watch the burger sizzle, but—surprise, surprise—they bake their patties. This technique helps make for a very lean tasting burger than a Sloppy Joe’s.

In my first visit, I tried the classic Jackalope ($5.95). The romaine lettuce was satisfyingly crisp but the onion and tomato lacked any staying power. After nibbling on heirloom tomatoes in the past month, my taste buds were used to a certain flavour that only comes from these specific nightshades. In what I make at home, I use rock salt to bring out the heirloom’s flavour. To go back to B.C. grown was difficult, and they could’ve been a thicker cut.

Days later, while in town again, I was seduced by this bistro’s sign advertising a bacon and mushroom jack with home-cut fries ($11.14 after tax). The melted jack complemented the crimini mushrooms very well, and I was exploring the complexities of the sautéed onions on top. Those were done to perfection. More bacon could’ve put this burger on the map. What stared at me was like a tongue. It was long, but with a single strip, it tasted more like a footnote.

Along with the side of fries, which were decently crisped, this lunch kept me satisfied till I started craving for more bacon. Home-made BLT, here I come!

3½ Blokes out of 5

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One thought on “I’m Jumping Jack Flash

  1. Hi there… thanks for the great review. Sorry we didn't deliver exactly what you were looking for, but your comments are greatly appreciated, all of them, as it helps us to do better for our customers. 🙂 There is just one thing I'd like to point out though – Jackalope and Fasta Pasta are two entirely different restaurants and have absolutely nothing in to do with one another save the fact I am now leasing the space Fasta used to occupy. Completely different owner, completely different menu, completely different food, and completely different mentality. We serve fresh, homemade "comfort food" – no pre-packaged stuff. Just really felt the need to explain that. Sorry I missed you when you came in, but Trevor told me about your visit. Maybe we'll get to meet if you come in again some time. 🙂 Oh, and I have no plans to add rabbit to the menu. ;)Thanks again! Cheers, Melodie


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