A Financially Lean Lunch

Culis Market
#153 – 2745 Veterans Memorial Parkway
Reflections Building
Langford, BC
(250) 590-8881

I was on special assignment recently. My job, if I chose to accept it, was to locate a lunchtime meal for under ten dollars. From Liberty Cafe to Renaissance Bakery, it wasn’t until I arrived on my home turf of Langford that I found that little bit of what I was craving. Culis Market offers a decent Vietnamese sub but I was after Anne’s (the owner) pork wonton. $5.99 was a deal I couldn’t refuse.

What Anne brought me was a large bowl one would normally find served in a Vietnamese restaurant. She fluttered about my table once she saw my camera — very little slips by Anne. My bowl was like a professional female model, you have to snap the photos before she loses steam.

I must admit this meal was traditional. There were several large pieces of wonton dumplings bobbing about. In decor, bits of chopped green onion and chop suey managed to hide themselves at the bottom. Perhaps a little of Kikkoman soy sauce would help liven it up.

The broth was very tasty. She was using a chicken stock and cilantro for flavour. It surpassed Fu Wah Express and Ming’s broth. But both of them could safely say they have more garnish.

The dumplings are supplied by Hung Kee Wonton and Noodle in Vancouver and I must admit it’s a heavier meatier taste. I found inconsistency in the manufacturing. Either there was pork or there was fat. I think that a little fat makes for a better flavour.

When I finished the meal, I was still hungry. But a big man like me can consume much in one sitting. Overall this is a nice meal for those looking for a fast lunch. The flavour is certainly there but traditional wonton isn’t my style. I’ve been spoiled rotten and it shows.

3 Blokes out of 5

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One thought on “A Financially Lean Lunch

  1. I recently discovered this place. Friendly service, and, like you said, a decent Vietnamese sub. I'd recommend any sandwich afficianados check out the subs.


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