Going Back (in Time) with Gosworth

Gosworth Fish & Chips
3009 Gosworth Rd.
Victoria, BC
(250) 595 – 3474

J: It wasn’t long after leaving Crown Palace / Chicken on the Run that I truly astounded Ed. I wanted to eat again. I’ve had this urge for months to revisit Gosworth Fish & Chips, my old haunt. I remember the small little shop with the cafe tables and the bright white interior. On a sunny day, the whole room would be lit and you could see the kitchen as you waited for a meal. Many times I took my helping of cod and chips home in brown paper or newsprint.

E: For me, my memories were locked with Haultain Fish and Chips. Grandma fed me well.

I sometimes drive by the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre and had I known of this place to stop off at, I think that after one meal, I’d be ready to hit the exercise facility nearby. It’s time that we started working off that poundage, eh James?

J: Whomever was quoted with “You can’t go back” must’ve experienced seeing their favourite chip shop after a 20 year absence. I can describe it but words can never fully express what I felt as I stepped through that door.

The bright white was traded in for a darker blue, and cafe tables were removed in favour of wall mounted. I could no longer see the kitchen and a new wall prevented my line of sight. Everything felt closed in and dark, even the curtains were designed for this purpose. I wanted to leave, this wasn’t my chippy at all.

E: James’ many stories finally convinced me to chauffeur him here and the verdict? I was more impressed with the friendliness of the proprietor than the food. While they don’t keep regular stocks of everything, I got some complimentary prawns in place of the oysters, and I liked them far more than the clam strips I ordered. There wasn’t much ‘clam’ baked taste to them.

J: I had to stay for the review and I’m glad I did. The prices were like it was 1999 but I already had my fill at the Crown. I needed to sample the basics such as cod ($3), coleslaw ($1.25 small) and the most important, mushy peas ($1.50).

The cod had a very tasty batter and was light and crisp. The coleslaw was freshly made. But the mushy peas had a taste of sweet pea that I took to immediately. Even though the decor doesn’t remind me of what once was, at least I’ll know, with the friendly owner and tasty servings, what will be. And what will be is promising.

3 Blokes out of 5


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