I’ve Bin Back 4 More…

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
#180-911 Yates St.
Harris Green Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 590 – 4154

… and I must say what I ate of the non-bovine persuasion was delicious. I’ve moved away from the beef here and eyed the chicken burger. When I noticed a double dose of bacon, featured as a slice of Fraser Valley ham and also infused in its aioli, I was sold.

While I tend to like my bacon crispier, I still found the double combination worked well with the other tastes within the meat. When compared to Nando’s flame broiled, I could swear they use a simliar process. Instead of a hot spiciness, they’re both equally juicy, and infinitely better than any KFC product. I was chewing the clucker down like a eager coyote. I savoured the tenderness of a perfectly baked piece of meat.

And the basil accents made this burger stand out, the red onions were very fresh and the butter lettuce, certainly worked in adding to the presentation that was before me. If there is ever a place to suddenly leap in points, I’d say Bin 4 scored during this visit.

And I’ll certainly return to try their non-beef inventions, because they certainly improve upon the burger concept. There is lamb, tofu and pork that I’ll have to test out in future visits. I often find tofu to be very challenging, since I’m used to the style my family presses at home. And my tastebuds will be ready!

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