James’ Pick of the Events – May, 2012

I know what you’re going to say, “Why write an article about events in May when the month is more than half over?”

Well to be quite honest I didn’t give the idea of a monthly events breakdown much thought until today. And I’ll justify it by saying there are still plenty of juicy events just ripe enough to pick.

All British Field Meet, May 19th
VanDusen Botanical Garden
Vancouver, B.C.

With both sides of my family originating in the United Kingdom, it’s only natural that I carry a fondness for items that remind me of home be it what I would like to call my Yorkshire cap (ala Last of the Summer Wine) down to my wool duffle coat. But to me, British automobiles have a downright attraction from the comfortable ride of the classy jaquars to spending a day in the country with your Morgan.

For the observer, ABFM will be paying tribute to MGB’s 50th but for the paticipant, there’ll be a GB motor car run to Whistler.

Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival, May 19-20
Topaz Park 

Victoria, B.C.

Highland games isn’t just for kilt-wearing kin, it can be for everyone. The exuding of strength in the games and the pride of Scotland in the traditional dances make this event hard to beat. And you watch, it won’t be long before kids adopt caber tag at the playground. I always thought playground games needed sprucing up.

Island Farms Victoria Day Parade, May 21st
Douglas St. (Mayfair Mall to the Legislature)
Victoria, B.C.
The floats, the marching bands and the clowns …. There is no better way to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria and our current monarch than with a street parade for the people.

Old-Time Barndance, May 26th
Edward Milne Community School
Sooke, B.C.

If they are true to the old ways, perhaps they’ll have a very good caller. Although it is held at Edward Milne school, I’m hoping the decorations will leave little to the imagination. Why is it that I can never think of a barn dance without associating it with the Wingfield series? Maybe it’s because having people like Freddy and his nephews appear at a country hoot would be like someone spiked the punch.

Goldstream Station Market
May 26th
Bryn Maur Road
Langford, B.C.

The annual opening of Langford’s own farm market and just within arms reach of my residence. I come here for the jams, eggs, tomatos and lovely cheeses.

Fawlty Towers 2
May 26-27
Sooke Community Theatre
Sooke, B.C.

After a successful premiere last year for the Sooke Harbour Players, Fawlty Towers (created by John Cleese and Connie Booth) has been brought back for a 2nd annual run. And with my holiday landing on at least one of the performance days, I’ll have a chance to get me some tickets.


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