Fanny Bay Follies

Happy Hen’s Cafe
Fanny Bay Service
8256 Island Hwy S RR 1
Fanny Bay, BC
(250) 335-2200

A long trip up island will eventually mean some kind of rest stop. And when one of my friends announced the need for a break to stretch our legs, we ended up in Fanny Bay, the home of some of the world’s famous oysters. They’re known for their plump and delicate taste. While I generally love eating any oyster raw, this chance visit meant our discovery of a cozy diner in a building simply called Fanny Bay Service.

For $9, they have a great offer of six large oysters with fries and toast. There were also delectable burger offerings using ingredients like locally raised chicken, which tempted me, but I did not deviate.

We asked if the diner did take-out and huge points were scored for the fact that they indeed do. We simply opted for just the oysters. They were panko coated and pan fried to a tenderness that I really liked. These large pieces were freshly shucked and I could taste the difference. These oysters had a light juiciness that really hit the spot.

If I lived in the area, I’d be back for more. The locals seem to congregate there for some old fashioned home style cooking. I imagine this service station was once a home at some point; the main level looked like it was converted so it could be a grocery store and diner. The space is very large and can accommodate at roughly 24 people at a time. I really liked the earthy feel of the dining side of the space, and with luck, I hope to return for more.

4 Blokes out of 5


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