Fanny Bay Inn

Fanny Bay Inn
7480 Island Highway
Fanny Bay, BC V0R 1W0
(250) 335-2323

Yes, another trip up island towards Courtenay meant a visit to Fanny Bay. Although the friends I was with arrived 15 minutes late to have lunch at Happy Hen’s Café, the operation that runs within Fanny Bay Service, the advice of the staff at this stop led us to Fanny Bay Inn, and we were not disappointed.

Since this township is famous for their oysters far and wide, I was considering an all oyster meal. But before I could finally decide on what to eat, I was served with a cola delivered with class. I do not often find bars that serve it with a lime wedge. That helps cut the acidity down in the pop, and it is a trick not many operations consider doing.

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Fanny Bay Follies

Happy Hen’s Cafe
Fanny Bay Service
8256 Island Hwy S RR 1
Fanny Bay, BC
(250) 335-2200

A long trip up island will eventually mean some kind of rest stop. And when one of my friends announced the need for a break to stretch our legs, we ended up in Fanny Bay, the home of some of the world’s famous oysters. They’re known for their plump and delicate taste. While I generally love eating any oyster raw, this chance visit meant our discovery of a cozy diner in a building simply called Fanny Bay Service.

For $9, they have a great offer of six large oysters with fries and toast. There were also delectable burger offerings using ingredients like locally raised chicken, which tempted me, but I did not deviate.

We asked if the diner did take-out and huge points were scored for the fact that they indeed do. We simply opted for just the oysters. They were panko coated and pan fried to a tenderness that I really liked. These large pieces were freshly shucked and I could taste the difference. These oysters had a light juiciness that really hit the spot.

If I lived in the area, I’d be back for more. The locals seem to congregate there for some old fashioned home style cooking. I imagine this service station was once a home at some point; the main level looked like it was converted so it could be a grocery store and diner. The space is very large and can accommodate at roughly 24 people at a time. I really liked the earthy feel of the dining side of the space, and with luck, I hope to return for more.

4 Blokes out of 5