New Restaurant to Spruce Up Old Yates

Like any man, curiosity gets the better of Ed (especially when it comes to ghosts) and I. And as we were waiting to go in to see the film Dredd at the Cineplex Odeon Victoria, we couldn’t help but be attracted to the close sounds of hammering and buzzing.

It was two doors down from the Cineplex that we located the source of the noise in the former Vietnam House and was met by a younger man named Mehmet.

He explained to us nosy food lovers that there is a new restaurant to open in the location of 788 Yates Street. As we listened further we were excited to learn the new eating establishment will be called Efes. This place will focus on authentic Turkish cuisine made from scratch and will make use of fresh local B.C. products.

Mehmet furher explained he was hoping for an early September opening but with the building being decades old, a complete upgrade of the site caused delays. With eyes now set on mid-October, Mehmet is remaining hopeful but realistic.

When Efes does finally open to a eager Victoria crowd, Two Hungry Blokes will soon follow.

Efes Doner Kebap House on Urbanspoon


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