Mr. Stay Puft Arrives for Christmas Gifting at Oh Sugar!

Oh Sugar
561 Johnson Street
Victoria, B.C.

To answer the question of what the difference is between the new Stay Puft marshmallow box and the old one, that’s in two key ingredients: the amount of caffeine and salt used. The cheaper product is being sold to build interest for the third movie. And for the die-hard, the pricier variant is what “real” Ghostbusters may require while searching for spirits during a long night. Or just maybe, like in the second movie, might build up in interest for a holiday celebration.

Oh Sugar has maybe ten boxes left. Each container contains 24 bite sized pieces to enjoy, and to carefully nibble on over time. I bought two since I love the original product and its soft vinyl packaging over the cheaper cardboard version. The original product is made to order. That is, the supply is limited. I recommend to readers that if you want to buy a box ($29.68 incl tax) for the Ghostbusters fan in the family, now is the time before this store’s stocks are gone.

Yes, the cost can scare some candy connoisseurs off. My first order was obtained for me to arrive just in time for Halloween. The trick? I didn’t realize they have a MSRP of $18 per pop! I honestly had no regrets in paying the price; the second order proved to be an extra $5 and I didn’t mind. I did not feel like Ray Stantz when he mistakingly thought about Mr. Stay Puft in the film; and he came a-stomping!

The newer variant is moreorless the same product. The type of gelatin used may well be of a lower grade to satisfy what makes the Stay Puft name ‘well-known.’ This confectionery brand was made-up for the movies, but one can only hope really good gourmet marshmallows exist. Ironically enough, the Plush Puff name brand does and I’m curious enough to see if any local shops carry them. To taste them in a baked alaska or in a cup of hot chocolate can make for a nice night in front of the fireplace.

The texture of this kosher Stay Puft is very different from the cheaper version. Both products are almost similar, and curiously enough, no salt is listed on the lenticular box. Is that a packaging misprint? Salt on the tongue can make or break a sweet taste. I found the gelatin from the high-priced version produced a more textured piece. Now as for whether or not the wake-me up product will have me dancing the Cucaracha after six pieces, that’s a gamble I won’t make. According to a few informational websites, each piece has 100mg of this stimulant! I want to savour these tiny morsels than turn into a blur while waiting for my next shipment.

If only I could hug Mr. Stay Puft and not get the odd stare, I’ll be fine. But I’d rather cuddle the Destroyer’s female form (Slavitza Jovan). That would be far more dangerous and daring, especially late at night! Love hurts but at least I’ll die happy in a sweet embrace.

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