A Hitchhiker’s Guide to La Fiesta, Episode Three .. or is that Four?

La Fiesta Cafe
G-12 1001 Douglas St.
Sussex Building
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-6622

E: I sounded off before on how I like La Fiesta on the corner of Douglas and Broughton, but very rarely can I convince James to hit a favourite place of mine. Not only that, they are open super late at night to make seeking out a quick bite possible.

J: Yes, they are now open Fridays and Saturdays until 3am for the bar crowd and late night/early morning walkers like myself. Yes, it is just after the holidays but downtown Victoria still closes early even on Saturday nights. It might be one of the reasons Victoria businesses suffer financially. Why go into town for a movie at the The Vic Theatre when you know almost everything will be closed after the film credits roll. Unless you want to drink ’til intoxication, there is little to do.

And if I am wrong in this, then please message me and correct me.

Ed and I had just come from the former provincial courthouse at the Maritime Museum for a production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by This Is Twisted Theatre. And as anyone knows, good theatre makes one hungry. We hummed and hawed over restaurants from Ebizo Sushi on Broughton Street, to Real Taste of India on Fort. We skipped Pho Hoa (which was open late) and continued to walk in a cirlce until Ed influenced me with La Fiesta.

E: James gets hungrier than I do late at nights. I can’t say if that’s a good thing, but it did feel like a snack was in order. While I went for a simple taco meal (made of crispy fried ship) this time, I can certainly praise this operation for its consistency. The taters and battered pacific shrimp are always satisfyingly spicy crispy good.

J:  I wholeheartedly agree! Without getting my hand smacked with a wooden spoon, I sampled the taters from Ed’s side of the table and they were everything Ed praises them for. But the shrimp burrito ($9.75) with a side of torillia chips is a bang for the buck and I do mean explosion. The Costa Rican owner handed me what I thought was a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes served on a plate. What am I, a man or an orc? But no, if I were to peel away the flour torillia, it would reveal not Ed’s illigetimate love child but a cornucopia of hot steaming food!

E: What James ordered looked like a haggis in my opinion. The last time I tried one of these monster burritos, I simply took it home to slowly savour than to Worf it down at warp speed. At 40mins till midnight, no we didn’t have to worry about magic carriages changing back to pumpkins, but the concern of getting home before the buses stopped was a concern.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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