Get on Board with the Cherry Bomber!

The Pig BBQ Joint
1325 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-5193

Cherry Bomb Toys
1410 Broad St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 385-8697

Every Kaiju fan knows that the monster always returns … always. In this case, it’s a behemoth pork burger that I tackled some months back. The latest creation from Cherry Bomb Toys and Pig BBQ Joint is aptly named the Cherry Bomber, and have I succeeded in taming the savage beast? I had to partner King Ghidorah and Godzilla to see if they were up for the challenge. Since they were toys and couldn’t talk back (and couldn’t eat thankfully), I was on my own to meet this limited run burger head on.

Without a doubt, it was created just in time to help promote Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair on May 5th, but I already bought my advance ticket so I can track down a few Transformers Prime Beast Hunters figures. If someone can give me a lead in obtaining a Shockwave without paying high prices, I’ll be heavily indebted to youbut I digress.

This burger has everything a hamburger lover could want: fried egg, aged cheddar, bacon, hot sauce and banana peppers. But there’s more: a fluffy waffle and a light spread of chips were inserted into this tower of terror! I had to make microbites into this macroburger in order to finish it. As the photos from my buddy, Brendan Gibson, shows, it’d take two action figure-sized beasts to finish this meal. Sadly, Brendan doesn’t eat pork otherwise I’d share. At least he was kind enough to lend his photographic talents to document my show-down with the Bomber.

I did wonder how I could cram all this burger into my mouth. Well, it’s possible if I had a bigger jaw. Instead, the small bites I took did help me test all the flavours inserted into this massive protein-sized ball. The waffle was muted in between all the meats used but I knew it was there because of the texture. The chips made for a nice crispness which complemented the bun. The peppers provided an extra kick and I thought the amount put in this meal was done right.

And the bacon … well, who doesn’t love bacon? The maple syrup only enhanced the flavour of this particular crisp and it did wonders when mixed with the egg yolk. All the sweet binding created a maple flavoured core that I savoured like a Tootsie Roll.

The patty was also some fine swine. I haven’t tasted anything that decadent for a long time. Usually, I find the pork dryer when I try the other meals here, and I’d almost swear The Pig saved the best pieces  for this burger. Not even the roasted pig I had a few weeks before could compare, and that was done in a pizza oven. I have to wonder if a touch of cinnamon was added to the roast this day, because the meat did stand out.

If the next iteration of this series of pork burgers starts using the stranger parts of the pig, like heart or liver, I’ll be back for more punishment. This little Pig-en-stein has been spoiled. Other parts of the pig can be eaten but as for whether or not it can make for a good burger, that depends. Maybe the next version of this burger needs adventuresome taste-testers to find out (I’d personally volunteer). At least B. Woodward, co-owner of Cherry Bomb Toys confirms more innovations will be coming in the months ahead.

Boar anyone?

Postscript: I do recommend Phillips Soda Works Sparkmouth, a crisp and tasty ginger ale to go down with this meal. I highly approve of this drink’s packaging. Not only did Godzilla find a mate, but also this drink tickled me in all the right spots.

4 blokes out of 5

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