The Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop (A Pictorial Tour)

Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop
A – 9774 Third St.
Sidney, BC

Sometimes, looking is better than reading. In this case, the eye candy to behold and experience is to find that one-of-a-kind treat in a candy store. In this case, it was me finding authentic astronaut food, dehydrated ice-cream, up in Sidney’s Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop. Now some may wonder if it tastes like the real thing. I can say for certain that the tastes are vividly recreated, but the texture is not. But I thought it was cool to find this product nonetheless, and I came home feeling stellar.

I’m up for a return trip anytime to the moon. Well, fortunately my sugar highs are not that bad. But with a rewards program, a $5 discount after $100 is spent, a .05 return may not seem like much, but it is something of an incentive to have some people coming back for more.

Whenever I’m in Sidney, I’ll take a peek at what else has landed.

And just like Oak Bay’s Sweet Delights, this place also creates candy bouquets for any occasion. This service may well be the trend that keeps most of these shops going. After visiting the three candy stores in town and branching out to explore what else is around, I’m recognizing certain staples that these stores carry.

With no further adieu, here’s a visual tour of the treats that caught my eye … and tastebuds. Now if I could only win a million dollars, I’d be big! (in more ways than one).


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