Going down the ’66 for poutine?

Poutine 66
2637 Quadra St.
Quadra Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 385-5553

When a trip out to the Western Communities or deep into Esquimalt is out of the question for poutine, maybe the fact there is a route 66 starting at Quadra and Hillside is worth the detour. Poutine 66 may well be a side-operation of Palagio Pizza’s Quadra Village location. In addition to the standard pizza fare at affordable prices, this operation is branching out to include some funky ass delights.

I must say that when I don’t want to make the effort to go the distance to the other poutine places in Victoria, this operation fits the bill. L’Authentique poutine & burger doesn’t have to worry about its corner in the woods, but La Belle Patate might. More variety can be found here.

I like the fact that I am waiting for a good amount of time to have hot poutine fresh off the frier, and a care to actually cook most of the ingredients on the spot than left warming for the next order. With beef or cabbage, that is a must. The added chunks of roasted crushed garlic is just perfect. If they had been of the sliced variety, the flavour would’ve not worked.

Even the fries are quite decent. There is a fair mix of crunch and textured softness. The starchiness is blanched out so the right drool factor can be smelled when waiting for these fingers to come out of the frier. They’re not perfect but they are certainly deserving of a B grade for how they’re prepared up for poutine-a-fying.

The next time I’m back, I’m going for a small take-out dish. It’s hard to imagine a large stacked up with additional mind-boggling flavours like bacon, fried egg, jalapenos, peas, beans and blue cheese sauce (it better be the real stuff) all in one go. In total, there are 21 toppings one can ask for when going for the build-your-own style approach. And this list does include several varieties of gravy.

I definitely got my kicks at this ’66. It just better not be my waistline.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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