There’s no Need to Run to Cafe Mexico

CAFE-MEXICO-2013-12-111425 Store St.
Market Square
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-1425

Cafe Mexico has been in operation for as long as I can remember. I think it’s been in operation since the early 90’s. These days, I rarely wander into Market Square as often because there is no comic book store (Island Fantasy) and candy store (Fat Phege’s) to entice me towards the water. Well, there’s Oh Sugar across the street.

When I do shop here, I visit Avalon, a new age metaphysical/book store and Camera Traders often. I met up with a buddy, Brendan Gibson, and we agreed to check out Cafe Mexico, since we both felt hungry.

The enchilada dishes they offer here are huge and I struggled to finish my dish. The beans put in the wrap are always filling and I wondered if I could even touch the rice. The little corn and lettuce salad was easy to finish off but the main wrap itself was huge. To make a comparison, while my buddy has always been a light eater, and is never able to finish a dish when we get together— perhaps only finishing a quarter of this dish before he said no more. He’s a tiny guy and I was impressed that ate a third. I consumed only half by that time. I felt full.

My advice is to come here with an empty stomach if the plan is to eat one of the burritos or enchiladas. At least the tacos are smaller and tastier. Generally, this place offers a mixed bag of good and average tasting dishes.

The service is not always good. Sometimes it takes a while to be noticed or to request a liquid refill. As a complacent operation, they have a lot of competition to deal with in order to stay afloat. With Puerto Vallarta Amigos only two blocks away, the decision is easy in terms of which operation I prefer to hit for a quick bite.

At least here, there is no border patrol to stop illegal crossings from happening.

3 Blokes out of 5


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