Cowichan Bay Seafood: Food Prepped Before Your Eyes

Cowichan Bay Seafood
#12 – 1701 Douglas St.
Victoria Public Market
The Hudson
Victoria, B.C.
(778) 433-4385

E: Yes, I know where I want to retire should I ever strike it rich. Cowichan Bay is the home to beautiful scenic views and scrumptious foods. I’ve been up there a few times to enjoy the former, but for the latter, the trips were not long enough to find where the good eateries are. To see Cowichan Bay Seafood in full operation at the Victoria Public Market, selling products from this region, has me salivating in delight. Oh, all those spot prawns … or should I say Dungeness?

J: I was fortunate enough to visit Cowichan Bay, it’s a sleepy little town that I bet gets sleepier during the winter. It has a great close-knit community that I can’t ignore. I could see this community being a possibility for retirement. I could learn to love the peace and quiet and the great shops along the waterline. But for now I’ll get acquainted with the local food by eating Dungeness crab in a sub with chipotle aioli. This research is very hard work.

E: James’ current life is not all its cracked up to be when I hear him bemoan what little there is to do out in the Western Communities. I swear, there are times he could put Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants to shame for his ways. For us to finally hit this market and find that the latest mainstay offers up fresh food, it really puts me in a predicament. The choice is a difficult one, do I choose what’s offered here or at the Crab Pot in Seattle?

Nope. It’s far cheaper for me to come here to dine on three baguettes filled with some mighty fine crab, than to travel far for a choice of three different crustaceans to savour. And its local to boot! The choice of seafood that I can find will certainly have me wanting to come back to try it all. There are chowders, oysters, mussels and sockeye salmon to choose from, and that’s only one-third of the list!


J: Yes, I’m definitely a city boy. Give me London (Great Britain not Ontario) or Tokyo and you’ll see I’ll find something to do every night. But Cowichan Bay is one of those places I would have to be content with before settling down. It’s a different lifestyle much in the same vein as Salt Spring Island. Cow Bay Seafood is letting the Dungeness do the talking while the ingredients back it up. And that’s some mean Dungeness because its talking smack to me.

E: There was a light sweet flavour which was brought out by the cucumbers that was used. They were separated from the plate so diners can pick and choose what they want to put into the sandwich. At $10 for a fist-sized snack, I believe the cost is all in the delicate cooking of the meat and the freshness of seeing it prepared for you on the spot. And pair that with a Phillips Root Beer or Sparkmouth, the complimentary tastes speaks for itself.

J: The red pepper slices tasted garden fresh. Next time, I’ll have to ask where they are sourced from.

I agree the crab had a sweet flavour but was it helped by the location of where the Dungeness was caught? The great thing about eating at this establishment is, as Ed said, the food is prepared within view. There are no tricks to be played and you’ll know just how your food is prepared. At $10 for a Dungeness sub, you get what you pay for and at Cowichan Bay Seafood, this is a good thing.

E: I have to wonder where James is sinking his teeth into. Sub? That was more like a snack-sized sandwich. I’d have to consume at least four of those sandwiches before I’d get that sinking feeling, but at least I’ll be going down with a big smile.

4½ Blokes out of 5

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