Rica Salsa or Rico Suave?

IMG_0082Rica Salsa
1109 McKenzie St. 
Cook Street Village
Victoria, BC 
(250) 360-1615

J: It was time for the THB to make their return to the little mall on McKenzie Street in the Cook Street Village. Our first and last review there was the Minato Sushi (which I was quite pleased with) but at the time there was still Rica Salsa, an Messob Ethiopian Cuisine and a coffee shop that was under construction. In time we’ll review them all but for now Rica Salsa was up to bat.

Can Mexican food hit a home run with Ed and I? Some years ago I was a wimp when it came to hot and spicy food but now I’m very durable. I can tell when spices enhance a dish I eat and when it does nothing but cover up the flavour. On what side of the fence will Rica be.

E: Maybe we have to be here when the operators are in full swing. On a dry cold winter’s day, I think they were running only for the convenience of locals thirsting for some ethnic food. If I noticed the sign advertising their shrimp tacos, I would’ve tried those over the chorizo’s I had. At $2.50 each or 4 for $10, I’ll give this place credit for giving you your money’s worth of food. The tacos, like James’ burrito was huge. The crunchy noodle dressing certainly was a nice touch. Did it make the meal spectacular? I’d say not.


I’d have to come back on a proper day to see if their taco soup and shrimp taco holds up though.

As a place to hit for a quick snack, this place is good, but not spectacular for their assortment of meal options. The prices are reasonable with a loud blaring Cucaracha music to boot.

J: At $10 for their burrito, I could’ve gone for a burger at Big Wheel. I can’t say I’m impressed and nor can I say the fixings are entirely Rica’s fault. I skipped the hot sauce. I wanted to taste the spice within the dish but there was nothing within the beans to be found. The burrito was dull. I had to wonder if Rica Salsa is purposely making their food “safe?” That is, is this cook’s idea of a spicy meal is something that’s meant to be doused with hot sauce.

Rica Salsa deserves another visit before a conclusion can be made. But for now there is no suave to be found.

2 out of 5 Blokes.

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