Where Have All the Prawn Fun Gone?


I miss the Island Chefs’ collaborative’s version of the Spot Prawn Festival. That was truly an event to remember, and as far as I know, there was only one. The Victoria Public Market has since taken over with their own mini-festival. While not as large or elaborate, and really lacking fanfare, at least for those Victorians unable to leave the confines of this city to Cowichan Bay proper for all their independent shows (at brew pubs to eateries), what’s offered is good.


Each shop included something in today’s menu that included prawn as part of the meal. I returned to Cowichan Bay Seafood to do their lunch — an apple vinaigrette salad with spot prawns on the side. The sheer amount of greens made paying $11 worth it; and I’m fairly sure I got 10 pieces than the 8 originally offered because I had two smaller crustaceans on my plate. I enjoyed the meal. After Baconalooza, I really needed to balance all the meat I consumed with a vegetable or item of the floral variety. More slices of apple would have helped, but at least that was one hearty meal, and I bought 2 lbs of prawns to take home to add to my won ton soup and noodles to eat during the week. I doubt they’ll last beyond the week!

As I walked around, I caught sight of La Cocina de mama Oli‘s prawn tacos. At $5 per, they were pricey but at least the cooks stuffed the tiny soft taco shell with three pieces of prawn to go with the coleslaw. The mayo was watery, but I snarfed the snack like it was a treat and I was already thinking about another meal. I waited because eventually, the Community Kitchen would offer up some cooking demonstrations with prawn. The first demo offered a marinated prawn salad with pita bread.


It’s a simple invention, and because the crowd on a Sunday was light, I was able to get back in line (after everyone got a taste) for seconds. Yes, I enjoy my seafood, and I wanted to make the most of this miniature show. I don’t think the city of Victoria will see the ICC’s festive and huge show again for another few years. Whatever the reason is for not returning, I will shed a tear for them. It was only there where grilled prawns were offered. I could eat their heads (well, the soft bits) like popcorn, but alas, with this yummy piece of sea life with a short harvesting span, I have to get as much as I can find, or take a vacation in Cow Bay for a proper feast of all the seafood that’s offered.

This Cthulhu-Ed is hungry!


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