[Victoria Fringe Festival ’15] Where’s the Fandango with Sama Kutra? A Review


St Andrew’s Gymnasium
1002 Pandora
Victoria, BC

Sept 2 | 7:45 pm
Sept 6 | 8:45 pm

55 minutes

Judging by the images than by the title alone, I half thought that Sama Kutra might borrow from the Spanish or French clown tradition where tragedy sometimes dominates the stage. By pure word association, no individual should be surprised that the Kama Sutra factors into this weird and zany world of two clowns realizing their love for each other is gone. Quite literally, there’s no Spark or Sizzle (played by Jed Tomlinson and Jacqueline Russell) left. They can’t even perform the Fandango (their last name) together lest they get into an argument I Love Lucy style. The way Spark goes off is very reminiscent of how Ricky goes off when Lucy does something silly to anger him. This play goes further to show them on the verge of separating until a magical bolt of lightning strikes and sends them off to Oz. Here, they try to find that magic that led them to fall in love, and what results is hilarity at its best.

They discover tips from the fabled book, the Sama Kutra, to rekindle their lust and trust for each other.

Adult situations are abound in this play that mixes in some fun vaudeville and burlesque moments. It even gets risqué with whip cream. No further spoilers are going to be revealed. All I can say is that this play has no inhibitions. It’s raunchy and risky, and it gets the audience involved in some great hilarious moments! While the language these clowns speak is mostly gibberish, there’s the odd English or Italian sounding words to help tell audiences what is going on. However, there were still times where I looked around for a teleprompter to explain what the big fight was about. By the end, to figure out what this story is about is easy. Every relationship will have its up and downs and just how a couple works through it requires having more than a mutual understanding for each other when the inevitable happens.

4 Blokes out of 5


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