[Victoria Fringe Festival ’15] Pretending Things Are A …. Review


Pretending Things Are a C*ck is no doubt going to be the most difficult show any conservative individual may struggle with in the thought of deciding to attend. All I can say is cast all your inhibitions aside and just go. Fringing is all about taking a risk at a show you may have doubts on. There were a few shows that I went to on top of my predetermined list. They were either recommended to me or I didn’t want to go home.

For this very risqué title, well, how can I not laugh at the idea? This show by Aussie Jon Bennett may sound crass, but there’s more to it than anyone may think. It’s introspective. How? Well, if I told anyone, they may just not bother to go since the punchline is ruined. I can at least say I learned that in Australia, flip-flops are called thongs down under. Who would have thunk it?

Bennett is a very rapid-fire and engaging comedian who makes use of a slideshow presentation to show how forced-perspective photography can make various objects emerge from a certain area of the pants. The adult themes are abound with heart and hilarity. One segment could’ve been shorter, but it was needed to get to the point. When looking at the photos, this comediuan said no Photoshop was used, but my eye saw a few that was questionable. There’s a telltale affect which is noticeable with images that are not perfectly composited. Unless that affect came from bad lighting, not every image is as it seems.

Watching this live show is no different from watching a Benny Hill television show or Austin Powers movie. The language is cruder, but the engagement is gut-bustlingly jolly. Bennett will be at the Vancouver Fringe Festival putting on a different show, Fire in the Meth Lab, and after that Orlando in mid October. He also mentioned Boulder, Colorado as a future show, and when considering his accent was thick, hopefully I heard that right. Perhaps that’s why I was charmed by this show since I find the talents exported from this country unique. After all, this country did give the world plenty of lovelies throughout the years with impressive singing voices like Hugh Jackman and Olivia Newton John.

4 Blokes out of 5


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