There’s No Need To Talk Like A Pirate at Rumrunner!

The Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant
9881 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-5643

J: The Rumrunner is one of those restaurants out in Sidney that is divided up into three sections: the pub, the patio and the dining area. We in the Sidney area because Ed wanted to see if anything remained from the Gracepoint set (the police station) that was filmed last year.

E: By chance, I found the Gracepoint Newspaper Truck parked in a private lot next to Saint Andrew’s School near downtown when I was out and about during Victoria Fringe Festival 2015. So why not?

J: Ahem, well, it was here in the pub after visiting the former set that Ed and I took our seats. I was tempted to try their clam chowder and compare it to the Red Brick Cafe but seeing in-house chicken pot pie on the menu with my choice of a potato and bacon soup won me over. My love for a good chicken pot pie knows no bounds. And if David Tennant himself was outside the pub signing autographs, I would be in a pickle to decide what deserved my attention more.

E: It’s doubtful but I heard a rumour that Tennant likes this seaside township. When he’s not busy working, he’d visit friends who live here. I could frequent the coffee shops here all day long, but it’d take incredible good luck to meet him! I didn’t like the idea of regularly frequenting the sets when the production was shooting. All the production assistants would tell people standing around to stay out-of-the-way and to keep a certain distance while everyone else was working. Chances to actually meet the stars were slim.

My purpose in our trip up here in the wintry season was to get slip covers for a few of my cherished books. One of my favourite stops is The Haunted Bookshop. As we wandered the ocean side walkway, I could not pass up the words: croissant filled with lots of delectable seafood. For such a pricey dish, I’m glad it came with a side. I opted for the soup of the day than fries or a salad.

J: When the pot pie arrived, I dived in!. It was so hot I scrambled for my glass of Coke to cool my mouth down. Apparently good things come to those who wait and there was no other choice when it came to the pie. The potato and bacon soup had a nice hearty smell that made me feel revitalized. The taste was quite satisfying. There was a bit of sour cream to enhance the potato flavour but the bacon could still be tasted. I was hoping for potato chunks but it was more purée. That wasn’t a big issue.

E: IMG_4594 Pot Pie - SidneyTo see James whimper before a hot meal was a sight to see — I could only chuckle. I’ve been to this diner/bar before, and to have a meal during the quiet time was a nice change of pace. We were not rushing at all and just enjoyed the view while nibbling on our respective meals. I had to consume my sandwich fast since most of the taste was in the nicely warmed croissant. The mix of king crab with shrimp made for a good contrast.

This meal would’ve been over the top if it included cucumbers or a careful blend of pickles to give some added flavour. Instead of savouring the sandwich, I found the curry very satisfying. Usually soup of the days are never that perfect, especially when they’ve been ladling in the pot for some time.

I imagine the server knew that he had to do more than just reheat what’s made. It was properly stirred so all the minty heat could be brought out and served.

J: I think our cook was a little too creative with my chicken pot pie. Although the crust had the right amount of flakiness that I so look for in a baked pie, the contents within could have done with less seasoning. It wasn’t the pie that was over-peppered. The chicken itself tasted as if it was marinated in more seasoning. The carrot pieces within the pie were of a nice size but the chicken looked as though it had been torn into large chunks. I had chicken but they were slightly larger than bite sized.

There is still more of the menu to try on our next trip out to Sidney. I wasn’t taken in by the decor but I wonder if my view would change if I ate here at night when the lights from passing boats are all that can be seen on the water. Rumrunner, much like Sidney, can be viewed one way during the day but I find whether you love Sidney or hate it, one can’t deny there is an entirely different life when visiting these places at night.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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