This Old Fork lies in Duncan, BC


The Old Fork
140 Trans-Canada Hwy
Duncan, BC
(250) 597-3027

The Old Fork can easily be missed when driving through Duncan, BC to further points beyond. This diner is tucked inside the Travelodge and although established in 2013, the feel of this place is rustic. Photos of Duncan from its historic days decorate the entryway and inside, I thought I’d find a ghost or two to tell some tales. I had to wonder what stood here before this motel. Perhaps the land has history but not necessarily the building.

The waitress was welcoming and on a quiet day, I could sit anywhere and enjoy the old world ambience. Looking at the photos reminded me of the fact that there is more to this town. Wayfarers should be reminded there more to this township than just a highway. The Whippletree Junction may well be a more colourful and desirable place to visit in the tourist sense but sometimes the best secrets lay on the beaten track. You just have to stop, listen and look.

This place serves a variety of traditional fixings, like bacon and eggs, omelette and burgers. I didn’t want to spend much and although the cheapest burger was $12, I wondered if it could compare to Bin4 or otherwise? Tough to say but I can at least report you can have fries, soup or salad with that bun. the salad of the day was broccoli and cheese. It was a simple dish that I thoroughly enjoyed. The burger wasn’t too special. It had crispy fried onion which I liked, the patty was well cooked, and the tomato — well it had no tang. It looked pale and was plucked before truly ripening. If I’m back, there’s a different burger that I’m eying to battle:

Although this place is worth a stop for its coffee and a quick bite, Duncan does need to distinguish itself as a place to check out. There’s more to life here than the biking trails and hiking opportunities. The nearby Mt. Tzouhalem is worth exploring. The apex is distinguished with a few monuments to make the hike worth it. Although that’s not an easy climb, the view is worth it. in a visit years ago, the caves peppering its hills make exploration and spelunking fun. At least, that’s one way to work off the meals offered here. When considering they have a Double Stack Heart Attack Burger Challenge (Eat them both in under an hour and it’s free) perhaps that’s not the best thing to do immediately afterwards.

To climb Tzouhalem the next day will most certainly burn off that meal in no time.

Here’s what it’s made of. I wonder if I can sucker James into eating this?

Double Stack Heart Attack $17

two beef patties, bacon, cheddar, crispy fried onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet onion relish, house aioli

Heart Attack Challenge $27

double the above…finish it and its free

3½ Blokes out of 5

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