Urban Arts Productions Return with [Title of Show] and their Future after #yyjfringe30

Original B Channel News Review:
August 2011

Will egos inflate or dreams deflate when close friends, Jeff and Hunter decide to develop a musical number for the New York Musical Theatre Festival?

The [Title of Show] is an intense character study about what it takes to make it in the rough and tumble world of friendship. Protagonists, Jeff and Hunter enlist the help of their pals Susan and Heidi to be part of this act.

The songs performed carry the plot forward and a few of the best numbers include “Change It, Don’t Change It” and “An Original Musical.”

With “A Way Back to Then,” Heidi (Sarah Carle) demonstrates her vocal talent with this solo number, and if comparisons can be made to a different Broadway play, Little Shop of Horrors, this tune has the brilliance of “Suddenly Seymour” in terms of the intensity it evokes and emotes. Carle gives this number the same strength and drama with equal effect.

The humorous additions to this show are unique and engaging–some of it intentional, since the play is structured to break the fourth wall. The cast is writing the play they are performing and at a few times, willfully acknowledge it with great comedic effect. When Jeff interacts with Larry the Keyboardist (Phil Hallman), that’s when this product’s uniqueness starts to shine.

It’s a shame Larry didn’t have a larger role. Some Cable Guy moments would leave quite the stamp.

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